Wednesday, May 27, 2015

what's love got to do with it?

Scrolling through my newsfeed  (I wonder how many blogs start out just like that)...... I see so many declarations of  motherhood and this above-all-else-in-the-universe-love.  You know what I'm talking about... "you don't know love until you're a parent" and blah blah f'n BLAH

Usually, I just roll my eyes and keep scrolling. But today I guess I've got something to say. 

I realize people are just taking pride in themselves, in what they are, and in what they do.  I get it.  But why? Why do we consistently have this overwhelming need to raise our flag so high that we overshadow all others? Is it part of being an American?  Or just a human?   

Everyone wants to be the same. How boring! Here I am generalizing again, which is probably annoying and many would fault me for...but it is MY blog and I see it like this.....

Love is not some super human power that only mothers are gifted when they give birth.  We are ALL capable of experiencing unconditional, gut wrenching love. Stop limiting yourselves and most importantly all of us. 

This special sort of love that only a mother knows.... it is the most preposterous thing I have ever heard.  I try to tell myself they are all probably right tho.  I try to consider that someday if I have children I may stand right beside them and make my own proclamation of this new and singular existence.  This better-than-anything-love that you speak of.  But on second thought, even if I felt that way I can promise you I wouldn't be screaming it from the mountain tops.
#1: It's not true.....  I may not have children but I know love.  I know it unconditionally and inside out. I know the joy and happiness and I know the loss and sacrifice.  That's the thing about love.... we can all feel it and we all deserve it.

#2:  I believe we are here to support each other.  I don't believe that the only people who deserve to be lifted are those who are walking the same path as I am.   

The trouble is that very few of us take the time to be considerate to others.  It makes all the difference in the world, in our society and our communities when we appreciate the effects our actions and our words have on those around us. I'm not talking about tip-toeing around and never expressing your opinion.... I am talking about being respectful and supportive to all.  Not just your SELF and those just like you.

So many are so busy showing off their accomplishments in life (in competition with others) that this is forgotten.   We need to appreciate the value of the differences in those around us.  Even though we all have a different circumstance, we all have a purpose. 

It is my belief that we are here to learn from each other... not to become a carbon copy. Be inspired by others'..... not to be just like they are; but to find your own light and shine it for others just as it was shown for you.  

The act of motherhood is not exclusive to childbirth and actually comes into everyones
life in so many different forms. 

Mothers, please, take pride in your role as a parent, but do us all a favor and teach your children that love is not exclusive... it is INclusive.  Our society would take a giant leap forward if we all brought a little more love to the table.  Stop declaring yourselves the only ones capable of experiencing it.  What if your child turns out to be infertile?  What if your child doesn't want children?  By your definition this would make their lives almost worthless right? Maybe this is something you've never considered.. and I bet deep down you don't really believe it.  You simply don't really know the weight of your proclamations. 


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